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No bail for false collector’s arrest report

No bail for false collector’s arrest report

The accused man is scheduled for arraignment on Sept. 2. (Photo: Courtesy of the Indigent Defense Fund)

Indianapolis – A man who made up a false police report that led to the arrest of a woman is facing a charge of false report.

Jeffrey S. Miller, 32, of Indianapolis is charged with one count of filing a false police report and two counts of filing a false criminal report against a woman.

Miller’s lawyer told the court Miller said he had been following two women who lived in a neighbor’s apartment complex. He was trying to figure out how to report to the police about a dispute between two women at the apartment complex.

He then reported the situation to the Police Department after the woman refused to get바카라 off her porch, according to court documents.

According to court documents, Miller filed a false police report that led to arrest on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer.

The woman told officers she lived in the apartment complex with Miller and two other people and had refused to get off her porch. Miller then showed her her identification and told her he was from Indianapolis, according to court documents. The woman agreed to give him his cell phone, Miller told police, according to the police reports.

But later that day, Miller was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of violating his probation, court documents state.

In the meantime, the woman was arrested on a separate charge of obstruction and was released from jail.

After Miller’s arrest on Jan. 31, he gave an address on Hwy. 65 and South St. to the Indigent Defense Fund, the foundation’s attorney said. He said Miller gave the wrong address at the group’s request.

In an interview with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department last week, Miller said he would not have acted on the false report unless he believed the woman had refused to get off the porch. Miller said he believed police were coming for him.

The woman told police that she met the three men she called “the police” on Jan. 3 and that she had a fight with her ex-boyfriend, according to the court documents.

The woman told police she has mental issues and would not talk to Miller or his alleged girlfriend, according to court documents. She said he threatened to call the police in retaliatio바카라n against her for telling him she refused to get off the porch, according to the court documents.

On Jan. 31, Miller als